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From high quality rooms in communal homes, modern family houses & co-housing. This is affordable living with style.


We also offer interim housing solutions, to help with general needs supported housing.


betheHive offers affordable housing to  suit a range of tenant’s and client’s needs.


betheHive is a new approach to affordable housing from  the private sector. 


Working with private investors, housing partners, registered providers, local authorities and charities we offer high quality, modern housing solutions.

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Each Hive property integrates modern design solutions, technology and housing standards.


We create affordable homes that fit today’s tenant expectations and which offer a higher standard of living.


who do you think you are?



Our team are a rare bread. We are both developer and contractor. We are landlord and builder.


With many years in property conversion, new build construction, land & planning and affordable housing we thought we would try something new. Maybe something the market needs?


We are a private commercial property developer with an interest in delivering great homes which are affordable. 


'sociable' houses

sharing and loving it//

betheHive offer places to love, a community to be belong to and a place to be social.


It is insta-ready housing to be proud of. 

Be part of the Hive community on-line. Our active instagram, facebook and twitter accounts  keep you informed of new info from the Hive community


Stay up to date with housing availability and receive info relating to events, volunteering and work opportunities. 

Modular Construction

Modular Construction

1 Stop Modular Construction

coming soon//

If you want to embrace modern methods of construction then you need a developer who can truly surround the modern construction method with a full  turn-key modular solution from design to handover .

betheHIVE offers a simple answer to modular construction problems.  We wrap the delivery of modern construction methods into a single contract, one point of contact and a single partner.


We provide the design and construction  package to wrap around your modular proposal.


We can offer full turnkey or you can swap out the 'modular package' for a structure or supplier of your choice. We work with you and the modular provider to ensure a seamless contract delivery.


If you have been looking for a solution to your modular dreams  then drop us a line as we want housing partners to support our journey towards delivering truly modern  affordable housing solutions.


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betheHive is a trade name of :

Future Constructions North West Limited. 08876176 -  21 Momentum  Place, South Ring Business Park, Preston PR56 6EF